Nominees revealed for the 2019 Women in Investment Awards

Over 1,300 nominations received

Natalie Kenway
This year's ceremony takes place on 27 November

This year's ceremony takes place on 27 November

Investment Week is delighted to reveal the nominees for the Women in Investment Awards 2019, set to take place in London this autumn.

In its third year, the Awards recognise and celebrate the achievements of women in the fund management industry.

It is encouraging to see gender diversity is moving firmly up the agenda in the asset management industry, but the Awards, which had over 1,300 nominations, showcase the talents of women in a sector where they are still under-represented.

They also honour companies and individuals who have helped support women in the workplace and have tried to improve diversity within their businesses.

Investment Week is also delighted to be joined by new judges this year including Legg Mason's Nambia Ferguson, Artemis' Jasper Berens, Investec AM's David Aird, Hermes IM's Jeannie Dumas, Pictet AM's Wendy Appleton, who are firmly behind championing diversity.

This year's ceremony takes place on Wednesday 27 November at Finsbury Square in London.

Click here for more information on the Awards.

Please note: Mentor of the Year accepts both male and female nominations.

The longlist in full


Abbie Knight, Embark

Abby Glennie, Aberdeen Standard Investments

Abby King, Man Group

Ada Harte, Natixis Investment Managers

Adrienne Monley, Vanguard

Agne Rackauskaite, Impax Asset Management

Ainslie McLennan, Janus Henderson Investors

Alena Kosava, Tilney

Alena Kuryanovich, HSBC Global Asset Management

Alex Leay, HSBC Global Asset Management

Alex Silver, Investec Asset Management

Alexandra Jackson, Rathbone Unit Trust Management

Alexandra Loydon, St. James's Place Wealth Management

Alexandra Sentuc, J.P. Morgan Asset Management

Alexia Katzaros, Goldman Sachs Asset Management

Alice Bollen, Blackfinch Investments

Alice Farrer, Thesis Asset Management

Alice Leedale, Schroders

Alice Owen, Man Group

Alicia Colenzio, HSBC Global Asset Management

Alina Gregory, Cazenove Capital

Alison Hollingshead, Man Group

Alison Moore, Quilter Cheviot

Alison Taylor, Frenkel Topping

Alison Wright, Hargreaves Lansdown

Alix Shadbolt, J.P. Morgan Asset Management

Alysia Silberg, Street Global Venture Capital

Amanda Burdge, Quantum Advisory

Amanda Gray, BlueBay Asset Management

Amanda McCrystal, Pantheon

Amanda Pullinger, 100 Women in Finance

Amanda Stitt, Legg Mason Global Asset Management

Amanda Young, Aberdeen Standard Investments

Amandine Thierree, FE Invest

Amelia Nunn, Hargreaves Lansdown

Ami Ekwonna, Man Group

Amy Coppock, Coutts (RBS Group)

Amy Hunting, Investec Asset Management

Amy Jupe, Goldman Sachs Asset Management

Amy Kam, GAM

Amy Kirby, Rathbone Investment Management

Anais Gfeller, Allfunds Bank

Anastasia Georgiou, Morningstar UK

Andrew Munro, Janus Henderson Investors

Angela Hunter, Brooks Macdonald

Angie Au-Yeung, Vanguard

Anh Nguyen, Legg Mason Global Asset Management

Anita Connolly, Legg Mason Global Asset Management

Anna Carter, Blackfinch Investments

Anna Craven, Brewin Dolphin

Anna de Winton, LGT Vestra

Anna Farmbrough, Investec Asset Management

Anna Huagaard, Brewin Dolphin

Anna Maria Calcagno, EFG Asset Management

Anna Stupnytska, Fidelity International

Annabel Arrowsmith, Foresight Group

Annabel Rudebeck, Western Asset Management

Anne Breen, Aberdeen Standard Investments

Anne McLellan, Vanguard

Anne Tolmunen, AXA Investment Managers

Anne Wallace, Investec Asset Management

Annette Dowden, Rathbone Investment Management

Annie Gaydon, Investec Asset Management

Annika Kretschmer, J.P. Morgan Asset Management

Antoine Forterre, Man Group

Antoinette Vanderpuije, Marwyn Investment Management

Antonia Millard, J.P. Morgan Asset Management

Anugeeta Jaswal, J.P. Morgan Asset Management

Anya Navidski, Voulez Capital

Apiramy Jeyarajah, HSBC Global Asset Management

Arabella Townsend, River & Mercantile

Arianna Roccia, Goldman Sachs Asset Management

Arita Sehgal, HSBC Global Asset Management

Arya Taware, FutureBricks

Ashley Hamilton Claxton, Royal London Asset Management

Aurelia Bonfanti, Legg Mason Global Asset Management

Ayesha Akbar, Fidelity International

Barbora Matouskova, J.P. Morgan Asset Management

Beth Stone, Blackfinch Investments

Beth Watkins, Foresight Group

Bethany Dudley, Foresight Group

Bethany Morris, Robeco

Bethany Payne, Janus Henderson Investors

Bettina Edmondston, Saracen Fund Managers

Bev Shah, CityHive

Bianca Tristao, Avignon Capital

Bibiana Carretero-Lopez, EFG Asset Management

Bilquis Nasiruddin Ahmed, J.P. Morgan Asset Management

Bronte Somes, UBS Asset Management

Caitriona Chawke, EFG Asset Management

Camila Astaburuaga, EFG Asset Management

Camila Karlsson, EFG Asset Management

Camilla Ayling, Rathbone Investment Management

Camilla Cecil, James Hambro & Partners

Camilla Dalzell, Investec Asset Management

Camilla Klemme, Rathbone Investment Management

Camilla McKane , J.P. Morgan Asset Management

Carleigh Young, Royal London Asset Management

Carly Magee, Foresight Group

Carmel Wellso, Janus Henderson Investors

Carol Ward, Man Group

Carola van Lamoen, Robeco

Carolina Martinez, Aberdeen Standard Investments

Caroline Blake, Infusive

Caroline Connell, Tilney

Caroline Connellan, Brooks Macdonald

Caroline Escott, Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association

Caroline Hedges, Aviva Investors

Caroline McLaughlin, Morgan Stanley Investment Management

Caroline Robinson, Exane BNP Paribas

Caroline Stewart, Brooks Macdonald

Carolyn Jone, Fidelity International

Carolyn Stewart, Carrington Investments

Cassie Berthoux, Seilern Investment Management

Catherine Chapman, Investec Asset Management

Catherine Jones, Capital Group

Catherine Morat, Natixis Investment Managers

Cathy Gibson, Royal London Asset Management

Cecily Chapman, Carrington Investments

Ceri Jones, J.P. Morgan Asset Management

Chanelle Thomas, Burlington Associates

Chantal Brennan, Davy Asset Management

Charlene Cranny, UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association

Charlene Sagoe, Natixis Investment Managers

Charlie Beeson, Man Group

Charlotte Baenninger, UBS Asset Management

Charlotte Cuthbertson, Miton Group

Charlotte Greville, Janus Henderson Investors

Charlotte Huddle, Brooks Macdonald

Charlotte Lamb, Janus Henderson Investors

Charlotte Nisbet, Sarasin & Partners

Charlotte Ransom, Netwealth

Charu Lahiri, Heartwood

Christina Bastin, Muzinich & Co.

Christine Baalham, Investec Asset Management

Christine Meredith, Legal & General Investment Management

Christy Morrison, Legal & General Investment Management

Cindy Huang, Morgan Stanley Investment Management

Claire Cierpka, BlackRock

Claire Curtin, Pension Protection Fund

Claire Glennon, Schroders

Claire Jewiss, J.P. Morgan Asset Management

Claire Noyce, Hybridan LLP

Clare Anderson, Cazenove Capital

Claudia Parenti, Janus Henderson Investors

Claudia Stanghellini, AP3

Clelia Fabbricatore, Schroders

Cleo Fitzsimons, Cazenove

Cliodhna Murphy, Man Group

Colette Corveste, Legg Mason Global Asset Management

Colette Nobel, LIFT-Invest

Connie Holden, HSBC Global Asset Management

Courtney Waterman, Investec Asset Management

Cristiana Cau, HSBC Global Asset Management

Cynthia Bowring, Sanlam UK

Daniela Brogt, Janus Henderson Investors

Danielle Trow, Blackfinch Investments

Danni Brotherston, St. James's Place Wealth Management

Dawn Kendall, SQN Asset Management

Deane Donnigan, Polar Capital

Debbie McKay, Aberdeen Standard Investments

Deborah Gilshan, Aberdeen Standard Investments

Deborah Zurkow, Allianz Global Investors

Dee Jones, Aberdeen Standard Investments

Deirdre Cooper, Investec Asset Management

Deirdre Flood, Wells Fargo Asset Management

Denise Simon, Lazard Asset Management

Diana Amoa, J.P. Morgan Asset Management

Diana Evans, HSBC Global Asset Management

Diane Hosie, Morgan Stanley Investment Management

Dominique Butters, Blackfinch Investments

Donna Hewitson, Charles Stanley

Dr Bijna K. Dasani, Lloyds Banking Group

Ebele Nwangwu, Columbia Threadneedle Investments

Elaine Torry, Hymans Robertson

Eleanor Hayward, Omnis Investments

Eleanor Lawther, BAE Systems Pension Fund

Elena Bottino, Morgan Stanley Investment Management

Elena Koycheva, BlueBay Asset Management

Elena Palasmith, Foresight Group

Eleni Karadimitri, RBC Wealth Management

Elisa Bellantonio, Rathbone Investment Management

Elisabeth Hawes, MFS

Eliza Bellantonio, Rathbone Investment Management

Elizabeth Corley, Allianz Global Investors

Elizabeth Davis, Rathbone Investment Management

Elizabeth Murphy, Schroders

Elizabeth Savage, Rathbone Investment Management

Ellen Powley, Hargreaves Lansdown

Eloise Jackson, Blackfinch Investments

Eloise Veillet, Bell Rock Capital Management

Eloise Zara Jackson, Blackfinch Investments

Elsa Garey, Investec Asset Management

Emily Badger, Man Group

Emily Meek, HSBC Global Asset Management

Emma Bennie, Saunderson House

Emma Cameron, Hymans Robertson

Emma Cohen, Goldman Sachs Asset Management

Emma Cunningham, Hargreaves Lansdown

Emma Douglas, Legal & General Investment Management

Emma Garrett, Hymans Robertson

Emma Harrison, Blackfinch Investments

Emma Howard, Brown Advisory

Emma Hunt, St. James's Place Wealth Management

Emma Jackson, Legal & General Investment Management

Emma Jane Joyce, National Treasury Management Agency

Emma Long, Legal & General Investment Management

Emma McCallum, Hymans Robertson

Emma McLean, Legal & General Investment Management

Emma Morgan, Morningstar Investment Management Europe

Emma Moseling, Hargreaves Lansdown

Emma Richmond, Brooks Macdonald

Emma Saunders, Rathbone Investment Management

Emma Watson, Rathbone Investment Management

Emma Wright, Thesis Asset Management

Emma-Lou Montgomery, Fidelity International

Erin Leonard, HSBC Global Asset Management

Esther Law, Amundi Asset Management

Eva Sanchez Martin, Man Group

Evan Jaroff, Capital Group

Evangelia Gkeka, Morningstar

Evie Paterson, Impax Asset Management

Evita Parperi, EFG Asset Management

Ewa Turek, Morgan Stanley Investment Management

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