Odey: Brexit decision reflects 'proper disaffection' of voters

Praised brave decision

Laura Dew
Odey: Brexit decision reflects 'proper disaffection' of voters

Hedge fund manager Crispin Odey, a prominent supporter of the 'leave' campaign, has praised the UK's "brave decision" to vote to leave the European Union.

In a statement following the news 52% of the population had voted to leave the bloc, Odey (pictured) said it reflected "proper disaffection" with the world of low growth.

The hedge fund manager has been a long-term supporter of the 'leave' campaign and had commissioned his own private polls. 

Sterling plummets to lowest level since 1985 as Britain votes to leave EU

"Ordinary people have spoken and broken ranks with the experts and their political leaders. This reflects proper disaffection in a world of low growth and almost no productivity growth which can only get worse if unanswered.

"People want honest appraisals, they need structures that humanise them, leaders that they can know can communicate with, solutions that, however unpalatable, are explained, communicated and preferably debated well in advance.

"This is a black day for those who would prefer decisions to be made in darkened rooms by experts. What a day. But it must not go to waste and we must remember how close it was but also how brave a decision it was!"

Odey, founder of Odey Asset Management, had previously said he felt the momentum had gone out of the Brexit campaign ahead of yesterday's vote and it was "lonely" being a Brexiteer in London.

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