Industry Voice: Opening the path to net zero for UK investors

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Industry Voice: Opening the  path to net zero  for UK investors

The path to net zero

We expect the ‘E' in the environmental, social and governance (ESG) space to evolve in the UK and beyond in 2022 as new regulations governing sustainability in the financial sector are introduced. At the same time, the switch from a carbon intensive economy will require huge public and private sector investment in innovative technology and green infrastructure. Meanwhile, any delay in the transition to net zero could exacerbate the climate crisis and pose risks to portfolios and assets.

Investment portfolios will increasingly reflect the realities of the transition to net zero. The asset allocation of our exchange traded funds (ETFs) provides investors with a range of options to match their own personal views and objectives. Some of our ESG ETFs apply net-zero targets aligned with the Paris agreement on climate change. They aim to reduce carbon intensity and provide exposure to companies investing in decarbonisation.

The UK and net zero

The UK is leading the charge against climate change and has already made huge improvements compared to many of the world's largest polluters. With an economy focused on service industries, the UK's carbon intensity has fallen over the last decade, and the government has announced various measures to accelerate the transition to net zero. According to Invesco estimates, at current trend, the UK is on target to reach net zero by 2037.

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