Barry McGuigan-backed boxing EIS fund launches

Launch on 29 June

Tom Eckett
McGuigan will lead a team that will train and mentor young up-and-coming boxers

McGuigan will lead a team that will train and mentor young up-and-coming boxers

Boxing fans are being given the chance to invest in developing the next Anthony Joshua via a new Seed Advantage EIS fund.

Through the new scheme, investors will gain access to the Boxing Advantage Company (BAC), which is run by former world champion Barry McGuigan.

The team, led by McGuigan, will sign young talented fighters via a management agreement and then train, mentor and promote the boxers, developing them into world-class talents.

Young boxers will be promoted by McGuigan's Cyclone Promotions and trained by his son Shane, who has already led Carl Frampton and George Groves to world titles.

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Sponsorship deals

Through investment in the Seed EIS fund, BAC will receive the capital required to provide the boxers and coaches with regular income to ensure they fulfil their maximum potential.

In return for this development, the boxers will sign over their sponsorship rights to BAC, which is where investors will generate their returns.

Sponsorship revenues include brand endorsement, corporate hospitality events, personal appearances and advertising.

The company also believes the digital era will see new boxing stars emerge with a global reach and closer relationship with fans providing "unprecedented access" to their careers both in and out of the ring and a raft of new opportunities for sponsorship.

Managed by Amersham Investment Management, the fund launched on 29 June and is looking to raise an initial £5m, with a minimum investment of £5,000. It is targeting a return of £1.20 after three years for each £1 invested.

Rupert Phillips, director of operations at Cyclone Promotions, said: "The fund has the opportunity to work with Cyclone Promotions and their own sponsors to sell the boxers' sponsorship rights and from that there should be an attractive investment return."

Diversified investment

The firm said the fund provides a diversified investment and an "exciting opportunity" for investors to become involved in one of the fastest growing sports worldwide.

Boxing in the UK is booming at the moment. For example, you only have to look at Anthony Joshua's most recent fight in April which broke both Sky Box Office and attendance records, with 90,000 fans travelling to Wembley Stadium to see him beat Wladimir Klitschko.

McGuigan said: "I have been wanting to do this for a long time. All of the 2016 Olympians came through our gym before they signed with anyone. They wanted to sign with me and be trained by Shane.

"We are better at developing talent than anyone else, as we have
a meticulous way of doing things.

"I want investors to come and enjoy an amazing experience. It is the greatest thrill in the world to follow a fighter from grassroots through to world level. This means they will have a phenomenal experience while making a good investment.

"We want investors who like boxing and are interested in being involved in the development of talent."

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