Partner insight: Out of the wilderness

Solving the problem of inertia in cash gives opportunities to both advisers and their clients, say Flagstone's Claire Jones and Grovewood Wealth Management's Lynne Gadsden.

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Partner insight: Out of the wilderness

Flagstone enables advisers to best to manage their clients' cash and solve the problem of cash inertia, a problem that can lose clients substantial amounts in potential interest income.

Lynne Gadsden, Managing Director of Grovewood Wealth Management, is one adviser who has accessed these benefits through Flagstone. "Rather than sending them off into ‘the wilderness' of managing different bank accounts and trying to keep within the FSCS levy limit, Flagstone means that they can deal with it all in one place, giving them and us more control," she says.  

In a competitive market, advisers who understand the full picture of their clients' wealth, provide holistic advice, and offer an opportunity for growth, stand out.

"We help them reach and acquire new high-value clients by offering market-leading and exclusive rates, greater financial protection, and increased visibility of their clients' cash assets," says Claire Jones, Head of Relationships and Business Development at Flagstone.

The inevitability of cash gives advisers and their clients options around cash savings across a broad range of need spanning non-investment purposes and short-term use to inheritance planning.

"I like that the values are reported on clients' Wealth Accounts so I can see how much they hold in case we need to give advice on future investments or IHT planning. I also get copied into any transfers they make between or from their accounts so that I can keep an eye on things," says Gadsden.

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