Partner Insight: Six things you need to know about SDG investing

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Partner Insight: Six things you need to know about SDG investing

Contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has become one of the biggest investment opportunities of our time. But how much do you know about the 17 goals? And are you aware of just how many channels there are to invest in them?

We are convinced that investors can do good while also doing well financially. The SDGs provide an ideal framework for investors to direct capital towards making a positive impact. They also represent an enormous business opportunity. As an asset manager that has been a sustainability specialist for more than a quarter of a century, we can think of at least six reasons to invest in the SDGs.

We've collated everything that can take you on this fabulous journey in our new brochure: ‘Six things you need to know about SDG investing'. The brochure outlines what the SDGs are, explains why investors are ramping up investments in the goals, and offers product solutions as vehicles for doing so yourself.

And at its core are the six things themselves, backed by graphics, examples of the investment opportunities for all 17 SDGs, and a clear outline of how we can quantify corporate contributions to the goals in the first place.

Aiming for attractive financial returns as well as impact

That's also why we've created credit strategies that make a clear positive contribution to the SDGs, while at the same time aiming to deliver attractive financial returns: our Global SDG Credits strategy targets long-term capital growth, and SDG Credit Income seeks to optimise yield and income throughout the credit cycle. Both strategies rely on our proprietary SDG framework to construct portfolios diversified across issuers and sectors. Our approach is innovative, measurable and now has a multi-year track record.

Six things you didn't know about SDG investing

Read why the SDGs are about more than doing good - and how investors can do well with SDG Credits. In our new brochure we tell you all you need to know, and more.

> Download the "6 reasons to invest in SDGs" brochure here.


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