Legge's Vinculum to launch US fund in 2012

15 Dec 2011 | 10:15
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Nigel Legge's new firm Vinculum is intending to launch a second fund investing in US equities next year.

The group, which has already unveiled its first fund, a global equity offering, is intending to launch a US-focused fund using the same investment process, managed in partnership with StockRate Asset Management.

A spokesperson said: "The first fund will go live in January and it is our intention to launch the second of a series of funds investing in the US."

Both funds will use StockR8, a process which aims to identify, rate and select companies of the ‘highest economic quality' based on their ability to demonstrate superior financial and earnings strength over time.

The company has already announced it is launching the global equity fund on 3 January, run on a ‘no outperformance, no fee' basis.

The IM Vinculum Global Equity fund will be comprised of 50 global listed stocks and will aim to outperform the MSCI World TR benchmark.

It will levy no initial charge and no AMC, the only fixed charge being an operating fee of 0.25% of funds under management, payable to the fund's authorised corporate director IFDS Managers.

A 20% performance fee will be charged on the fund's relative outperformance of its benchmark in any given quarter. The minimum initial investment will be £1,000.

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