Odey and Lagrange make the cut in top 50 richest hedgies

26 Nov 2012 | 07:04
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Crispin Odey, the founder of Odey Asset Management, and Pierre Lagrange, the co-founder and fund manager of GLG, have both made it into a list of the country's wealthiest hedgies.

The Sunday Times has compiled a list of the wealthiest members of the UK's second financial centre, it's thriving hedge fund industry.

Now only second to New York, London has 650 active hedge funds, managing assets worth £250bn.

Odey - who along with his wife also appears in the Sunday Times Rich List - is 7th among the hedge fund giants in terms of wealth, with an estimated fortune of £455m between the two of them.

Odey - popular with retail investors as institutions and wealth managers - is one of the best known hedge fund managers to feature among the top 50.

Meanwhile Lagrange, who co-founded GLG in 2000 before making £135m in cash when it floated for £340m in 2007, is in 41st place. His firm (pictured) was taken over by GLG in 2010.

Now worth an estimated £120m, Lagrange too is well known among retail investors with some of his firm's funds - such as Japan Core Alpha - on a number of influential buy-lists.

Below is the UK's nine richest hedge fund operators.

    Name                    Fund                                        Wealth

1. Alan Howard            Brevan Howard                           £1.4bn

2. David Harding         Winton Capital Management        £900m

3. Alexander Knaster   Pamplona Capital Management    £885m

4. Louis Bacon            Moore Capital Management         £820m

5. Michael Platt           Bluecrest Capital Management     £650m

6. Michael Hintze         CQS                                         £580M

7. Crispin Odey           Odey Asset Management            £455m

8. Stephen Butt           Silchester International Investors £380m

9. Osman Murgian       Winton Capital Management       £300m

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