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Friday Poll: Super clean

Has the move by a number of large platforms to secure preferential share classes been a success or failure?

Low-cost share classes

Hargreaves Lansdown has negotiated deals with major fund groups to get discounted share classes on a range of popular fund, saving an average of 0.21 percentage points. Will this prompt you to relocate your - or your clients' - investments to a different platform?

Emerging markets

The sell-off in emerging markets has cost the average fund in the IMA GEM sector 8% in the last year. Is there now a buying opportunity after the scale of the pullback or are you continuing to avoid the sector?

Market returns in 2014

Last year many equity markets - including in the US and UK - achieved double digit returns, but what percentage move are you expecting in 2014?

China's Third Plenum to drive equity markets?

Will China's Third Plenum provide a boost for the country's stock markets?


Will you be increasing your exposure to infrastructure funds in the next 12 months?

Turning off the tap

Should all platforms strive to switch clients to clean share classes as soon as possible, or should they run bundled share classes until the 2016 deadline?


Have you been increasing your exposure to frontier markets in recent months?


Have you been boosting your Japan weightings recently?

Platform consolidation

There are currently 23 platforms in operation in the UK, with only a few players exiting the industry thus far. However, following the publication of the platform paper, competition in the space is expected to become more fierce. Do you expect platform numbers to fall by the time of the legacy ban in 2016?

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