AllianceBernstein unveils EM multi-asset fund

02 Jun 2011 | 10:14
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Emerging markets - Colombia

AllianceBernstein has launched the Emerging Market Multi-Asset strategy for manager Morgan Harting, investing in equities, fixed income and currencies.

The launch comes hot on the heels of the firm's renminbi bond fund, launched for Hayden Briscoe earlier this week.

The Emerging Market Multi-Asset strategy aims to smooth volatility and diversify risk through its multi-asset approach, using fundamental and quantitative research to select from a range of asset classes.

These are held in an integrated portfolio, rather than a series of separate equity, bond and currency portfolios that are then bolted together.

Active asset allocation will be used to switch between equities when conditions are favourable and debt when risks appear high.

Harting, emerging markets multi-asset team leader, said: "Emerging markets represent a considerable - and growing - proportion of the world economy and offer significant return potential.

"However, traditional all-equity approaches are not best designed to minimise unwanted surprises.

"EMMA will aim to capture these investment opportunities while seeking to reduce undesirable volatility and offer an optimal risk/return profile unconstrained by naïve benchmarks or investment instruments."

The UCITS fund will be available to retail investors following FSA approval.

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